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19 May
right now i kind of feel like that meatball from the on top of spagetti song that i learned as a kid.

you know.... the one where....

...It rolled off the table, and onto the floor,
And then my poor meatball, rolled out of the door.
It rolled in the garden, and under a bush,
And then my poor meatball, was nothing but mush....

i can relate to that meatball in a way. i mean, its rolling, without direction, out of one door and under a bush. i mean, thats practically a direct metaphor for my life. and its worrisome, because at this point in the song you are worried that i am the meatball is mush, and this could represent my its demise. but as we keep listening....

The mush was as tasty as tasty could be,
And early next summer, it grew into a tree.
The tree was all covered with beautiful moss,
It grew lovely meatballs, and tomato sauce

given time to grow and mature, the mush ends up growing a beautiful meatball tree complete with sauce. i mean.... how meaningful is that. interpret it how you want, but i feel like its saying to me that given time i too can grow into a beautiful meatball tree. i'm choked up. and who could forget the moral of the story??

Hold on to your meatballs, and don't ever sneeze

whoever wrote that song was brilliant.

so if you keep reading my journal, remember, i might be mush sometimes (or often), but one day i will grow up to be a beautiful, lovely meatless meatball tree person. and if you dont want to read about mush... come back early next summer. perhaps i will have grown up big and tall and less self-depricating then. or perhaps just covered in moss.
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